Is Mold Festering in Your Home or Business?

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Think you might have mold? Before you can schedule mold removal, you'll need testing from a professional. Get thorough and affordable mold testing services in Franklin, TN. Justice Environmental, LLC will check every corner and crevice of your home or office to help you make an informed decision.

Our sensitive air test for mold can identify even the slightest traces on your property. Call 615-806-8393 today to set up an appointment for mold testing.

Why should you hire a professional for mold testing?

Why should you hire a professional for mold testing?

Mold testing services will help you understand the full extent of your infestation. Our air test for mold will help us identify:

  • The scope and scale of your mold growth
  • The cause of the mold
  • The type of mold involved
Armed with this information, we can help you find the right mold remediation contractor to safely remove it. Reach out to us today to get started in Franklin, TN.